Oxford Consultants DMCC

Meet our Management Team


Kerry Chrysanthou
General Manager
Taala Karaeva

Our Dubai office is located at the Platinum Tower at Jumeirah Lakes Towers. As expert and experienced consultants, we have the capacity to cater to all your needs and requirements. Our priority is to provide our clients with detailed and quality services, specific and straightforward approaches as well as modern and innovative ideas based on our business expertise and broad knowledge. We focus on aiding our clients not only meet but also go beyond their expectations.

Our business purpose is to provide diversified and all-inclusive services in order to enhance and promote our clients businesses and companies to establish themselves within the international market. The majority of businesspeople face difficulties when they decide to expand and set up across borders. Oxford Consultants DMCC was established for the purpose of guiding, consulting and facilitating clients when expanding in the international front.

With our extensive international consulting skills and local proficiency, expertise and innovation we are in the position to assist our clients as well as develop solutions and plans based on our clients individual wants and requirements. Oxford Consultants DMCC’s loyalty, extensive business skills and knowledge as well as innovative ideas and visions enable clients succeed in their business ventures.

Why Choose Oxford Consultants DMCC

Loyal & Committed Manager

Oxford Consultants DMCC guides and assists our clients through the entire procedure, starting from the initial contact until the final phase.

Prompt Procedure

Oxford Consultants DMCC undertakes the entire procedure, starting from the most trivial matters such as paperwork and errands to the most important matters like official documents.

Save Time

Oxford Consultants DMCC does all the work for you including running errands, issuing documents and organizing paperwork. Therefore, we provide our clients with plenty of time to focus on matters that are more significant.

Competitive Prices

Oxford Consultants DMCC provides clients with quality and expert services at reasonable prices.

All-Inclusive Services

Our firm has created a wide and expert network of experienced professionals. Oxford Consultants DMCC’s professional team includes legal and financial advisors as well as web-designers that are all at your disposal.

Experience, Expertise and Knowledge

Oxford Consultants DMCC’s purpose is to guide and provide our clients with specific advice and expert knowledge in order to succeed when expanding into foreign markets.